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Covid 19 and Social Distancing 

Terms & Conditions for Jan-Zo Pilates

● Contact details must be completely up to dates for Track and Trace purposes. 

● Social distancing while in class must be maintained along with handwashing with soap and water and the use of hand sanitiser is also advised. 

● If you feel unwell with any of the Covid 19 symptoms you should not enter the studio

● For hygiene reasons it is recommended that you provide your own exercise mat and towel for class and any equipment as I will no longer be able to provide. 

● You should bring your own water bottle. 

● For Reformer classes all the above applies, you will be asked to clean your reformer before and after use. 

● To adhere to any of the entering, leaving and cleaning requirements that the studio has in place, refusal to comply could result in you being asked to leave and therefore forfeiting that session and any sessions that have been paid for in advance with no possibility of any refund. 

● You will adhere to all social distancing rules in place in real-time. 

● If you have been in contact with anyone that has Covid 19 symptoms or in contact with a person/s that are confirmed positive it is your responsibility and essential to inform me straight away.

● Pilates/ Yoga grip socks must now be worn for every type of class with Janzo Pilates, when doing Aerial socks will still be required but they don’t have to be grip ones. 

● No sharp or dangly jewellery that can get caught should be worn including watches. 

● When participating in Aerial Hammock classes Due to Covid 19 and for all Aerial Pilates. The following points below apply: 

● Any damage caused to the hammock material due to blatant disregard for these terms and conditions will render you liable for the repair and or replacement of said equipment. 

● Long sleeve or short sleeve tops that cover armpits and full-length leggings are to be worn.(however, if the weather is particularly hot this may not be an option). 

● No jewellery of any kind including watches, nose rings, earrings etc. 

● No heavy moisturising cream or fake tan. 

● If you use oils and heavy cream on your hair, your hair must be wrapped with no clips or pins. ● No clothing that has buttons, zips or clips. 

● All terms & conditions are subject to change without notice. 

● This Covid Secure Policy is Version 00.1aa Last updated 06.05.2021 taken from Full terms & Conditions Version 0.1 //07.07.20