Aerial Pilates and
Air Control Pilates®

    Take your Pilates to New Heights


                What is Air Control Pilates®  / Aerial Pilates  And what's the difference ?  

Simply put the  AirControlPilates® method is a brand of Aerial Pilates.

 It's combination of Pilates exercises and principles with the fundamentals of Aerial Arts merged together, to create a method of exercise that is beneficial to anyone as well Aerialist.

It's called Air Control Pilates®.

 I am trained and qualified in this method of Aerial Pilates.

Being an AirControlPilates® Teacher means I adhere to the highest safety practices.

 Classes at Chantry studios are small in size which means you get a personalized and bespoke class experience 

Aerial Pilates is fun, exciting, freeing, as challenging as you need it to be.

Using a Aerial Hammock will challenge how your thinking about exercising.

Health benefits in terms of relaxation for both mind and body are outstanding 

Air Control Pilates

As a qualified Air Control Pilates® teacher I'm part of a unique, growing community of Air Artists around the world!. Which means I'm fully committed to my growth and professional development as an Air Artist and Pilates teacher. I receiving exclusive access as well as regular monthly training. Ensuring I have up to date information about Aerial Pilates and safe rigging practices. This is how Air Control Pilates®  is distinguished from other aerial Pilates and aerial yoga establishments and training through a reputation that is built on,  emphasising, safety and best practice.


Aerial Pilates Workshops

The workshops give you a taste of the Air Control Pilates® method and what you can except from these classes. You don't have to be an Aerialist and can be new to Pilates as well. For Aerialist it's a great opportunity to learn Pilates exercises that will help with your craft, giving you a chance to find a way to release tension. For us mere mortals and those new to Pilates you will get a chance to experience working with the hammock in a fun and safe environment. There is the low level, where the Hammock is suspended closer to the floor. This in no way means it is any less challenging in fact some exercises are more of a challenge at this height. The high Level hammock is where you get to try the inversion. Hanging up side down. Getting that full decompression of the spine, hips,  neck shoulder's and lower back.

Intro to Aerial 

In these introductory courses, you will learn how to safely use the hammocks at low and high levels. getting to grips with the fundamentals of the Air Control Pilates method®, even if you haven't done any Pilates before you will get to learn how we use the hammock as a prop and the difference it can make to the Mat work. There are both Low and High courses and with just 4 in people in each class this ensures everyone gets the individual attention they need, to gain confidence and have as much fun as you can.  If you are an aerialist you are welcome to join these course if you haven't done any Pilates.


Air Control Classes 

Air Control Pilates® classes are a great way to build strength flexibility discover a freedom of movement you can only get by doing aerial arts. Deep core strength, improved posture.

Working with the hammocks allows the body to release tension and just move better. The benefits of being suspended allowing you body to fully relax as though you were flowing in water and flying at the same time making the relaxation second to none. As you move in the hammock your inner child will defiantly want to be released. The classes will be drop in and available to you after you have done the appropriate introductory course. This does not apply to Aerialist as you are already experienced in this art form. 

Benefits of Aerial Pilates

Practicing Pilates with the hammocks may seem a little extreme yet it is a much safer and relaxed way to focus on your postural alignment, can increase flexibility, especially from an inverted position. Relieving pressure on vertebrae, lengthening and strengthening the trunk. Decompression of the spine. Releases muscular tension. Challenges proprioception skills. Increased physical awareness. Promotes living in the moment. Reduces stress. Promotes and stimulates creativity. Facing and over coming fears, feeling of empowerment. Liberating and a confidence builder. Playful and fun.