Terms & Conditions

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 Terms & Conditions

  • All classes are subject to verbal screening

  • PARQ questionnaire and waiver forms are a legal requirement.

  • By signing the online waiver form you are agreeing to the full terms and conditions for Jan-Zo Pilates online and all live classes

  • Online Mat blocks, PT , single or combination cannot be exchanged for a Reformer Class or Aerial Classes Courses or Workshops.

  • All Classes, Courses & Workshops vouchers/ discounts codes have an expiry date. These cannot be refunded or extended after said date has expired.

  • No refunds for missed classes, workshops or missed sessions on courses.

  • Discounts and Referral offers are given at the discretion of Janzopilates and can be withdrawn at anytime.

  • Online terms and conditions Version 0.a.1// 07.07.20 

  • By signing this waiver form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out for and by Jan-Zo Pilates.

  • All terms & conditions are subject to change without notice and last update version 0.1 //03.03.22