Featured Clients

Anthony Harbridge / Personal Training

After 15 years of lower back pain and severe sciatica I underwent a back operation. This gave me relief from the chronic symptoms, but I still suffered from bad posture, a lack of core strength and an inflexibility all of which developed through the many years of back problems. After the surgery had healed I began Pilates based PTs with Zoe. She led me through an evolving programme that helped me not only develop my core strength and flexibility but helped me fundamentally improve how I moved and exercised. Zoe was precise in observing and identifying my underlying issues, and identified simple but effective exercises to target incremental improvements. She not only delivered guidance on how to perform each exercise, but monitored progress and was constantly evolving my programme.

Claudia Vasquez / Holistic Therapist / Personal Training

My name is Claudia Vasquez, I work as a holistic therapist. For the past year I've been training to be a Pilates instructor which have exposed me to all kind of different classes and instructors in order not just to learn but to find my own style. Zoe's class has been not only the one I enjoy the most but In which my learning process has continue. Her approach is engaging, clear, fun and the more important... effective!!

As a student I'm definitely looking up to her like one of my mentors and I'm planning in continue to assist her classes after graduate.



Petra Stokes / Qualitative Research and Analysis / Mat Pilates

I have attended Zoe's Pilates class at Crystal Palace Sports Centre regularly for many years. Zoe is an exceptional teacher who clearly enjoys teaching. She explains everything very well and breaks down all the exercises so that they become second nature. Her classes are well structured and organised, and are always enjoyable and stimulating.

Zoe conducts the class with confidence and authority while remaining sensitive to the individual's needs.