Monthly Plans

What To Expect

Jan-Zo Pilates aims to provide a service that imitates the studio experience from the comfort of your home. Sign up and reap the benefits of creating your own fitness routine.

Monthly Plans include:

  • No Contracts - Cancel whenever you want

  • Bookable Classes - A Variety of Live Classes taking place every Wednesday Morning

  • On-Demand Video Library - Gain access to Jan-Zo TV


  • Full 45 minute - 1 hour Classes - covering all levels of Mat Pilates, including Beginners through to Dynamic

  • Shorter 10 - 20 minute workouts - Quick workouts you can fit in and around your daily schedule

  • The Morning Prep - A 15 minute stretch and activation for core & glutes to get you feeling ready for your day ahead

  • Pilates Principles in Action - Short video explaining these principles as well as modifications and terminology used to explain them

  • Body Conditioning - Low-Intensity Interval Training fitness classes

  • Seedling

    Every month
    Perfect for when you just want to workout on-demand
     3 day free trial
    • On-Demand Videos:
    • - Full Pilates Classes
    • - Short Pilates Workouts
    • - Pilates Dailies
    • - Low Impact Fitness
  • Lotus

    Every month
    Perfect for creating your own Pilates & Fitness routine
    • Book 4 Classes Per Month
    • - Wednesday Mornings
    • Access to On-Demand Videos
    • - Full 45 - 1 Hour Classes
    • - Short 20 Minute Workouts

Sign up to gain access to Jan-Zo TV, bookable Live & Interactive Classes & a library of On-Demand Videos - No Contracts - Just choose the subscription that suits your lifestyle and create the fitness routine that excites you. Let's encourage a self-growth journey this year.

Please note, coupon codes are available for single bookings only.