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New Wednesday Evening Classes.

 Aerial Stretch & Mediation 7pm - 8pm


 Air Control Pilates® Class Level 1

Saturdays in May 9am - 10am



Intro to Aerial Pilates starts 16th May

short 4 week course 90 minutes 

 Air Control Pilates®


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Intro to  Aerial Pilates Course

  Air Control Pilates® Leve 1 

Workshops & Privates Sessions

  Aerial Pilates in London  

Chantry Studios in Bromley BR2 9QL.



A New Chapter Begins

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Intro to Aerial Pilates Course

  Air Control Pilates® Level  1

On these Courses you will..

Experience a new and exciting sensation of training your body

Get used to moving and swinging in the hammock.

Find body awareness and balance.

Creativity and playfulness.

Learn how to totally relax 

Improving your flexibility

Better posture

Core strength.

Benefits of using a Aerial Hammock gives you a new perspective.

This gives you better awareness of how you move in space.

Never done Pilates, that’s ok.

At Air Control Pilates® we teach you the Pilates principles.

Your safety is my number one priory.

 Reconnect with your own inner child.

And get fitter and stronger. 

Come learn grow fly,

 Air Control Pilates®  based in London at Chantry Studios

      With only 4 people per course, you'll get all the individual attention you need.