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Bend, Twist, Swing, Stretch, and Relax

Air Control Pilates® is the perfect remedy to loosen and strengthen your hips, back, shoulders and core.

And all with the help of an aerial hammock. Yep, you read it right. And no, it’s not a gimmick.


It’s an effective system of exercise that takes your regular Pilates practice to the next level.

But what’s the point in using an aerial hammock? you might be asking.

Well, the hammock can be used to support your limbs or torso as you move or hold a position,

giving you the option to make an exercise easier or harder.

Now here’s the fun part. When inside the hammock, you can safely perform Pilates exercises above the ground.

It gives you that floating feeling whilst challenging your body’s awareness and balance.

After exploring all the different ways of moving in the hammock, you can just lie back, relax and chill in the hammock

(minus the cocktail drink) to help release any tension in your mind and body.

Experience this new way of Pilates training at our 90 minutes Workshops.

There is a maximum number of 4 people per class, so you’re guaranteed

to get all the guidance and support

you need to help you learn and explore the

Air Control Pilates® method.


Come and join us at our exclusive studio in Bromley.

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High Hammock and Low level Workshops are currently taking place  weekly in 2021 on Mondays 12pm and Saturdays 9am.


Hi, I'm Zoe

I'm a Pilates Teacher & Master Trainer I've been practicing Pilates for over 20 years. Teaching Mat Pilates for 14 of them, my classes also include Dynamic Reformer Pilates & now Aerial Pilates. I am proud to say I'm the FIRST Air Control Pilates Teacher based in London. Now at Chantry Studios in Bromley.

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