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Air Control Pilates® takes your regular Pilates and Aerial Pilates                                                  practice to the next level. 

Aerial  Pilates Classes in

Air Control Pilates®Level 1

Aerial Stretch  

Air Control Meditaion®


Private Hire


Mat PilatesClasses

Exclusive to Chantry Studios


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"After dealing with long covid for over a year, I was looking for a low intensive relaxing form of exercise.  I was expecting to have a lull in energy, but it had the opposite effect . I loved it! I loved your vibes too…always moments of laughter and I felt really relaxed." Bethan

"In terms of the suspension upside down to release the back and neck, that was truly wonderful for me as I sit at a desk all day I felt the deeper tension unwind, similar to unwinding a knotted telephone cable - if that makes any sense - could have done that again and again." Andy

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Hi, I'm Zoe and thankyou for visting my website. Take a look around I really appricate your interest. 


I'm a Pilates Teacher & Master Trainer I've been practicing Pilates for over 20 years. Teaching Mat Pilates for 14 of them, my classes also include Dynamic Reformer Pilates & now Aerial Pilates. I am proud to say I'm the FIRST Air Control Pilates Teacher based in London. Now at Chantry Studios in Bromley.

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