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              Aerial Pilates in London
Bend, Twist, Swing, Stretch, and Relax

Air Control Pilates® takes your regular Pilates and Aerial Pilates practice to the next level. Using the aerial hammock as a prop. This unique piece of equipment enables you to loosen and strengthen your hips, back, shoulders and core in a variety of ways. But just in case you’re wondering if this hammock thing is a gimmick, I can assure you it isn’t. Let me explain:


The hammock can be used to support your limbs or torso as you move or hold a position, giving you the option to make an exercise easier or harder. 


You can safely perform Pilates exercises above the ground. Aerial style . This challenges your body’s awareness as you work with the hammock to maintain your balance and form. As you swing, twist, turn and laugh you get that wonderful feeling of fun and freedom.


After exploring the many different ways of moving in the hammock, you can just lie back and relax as you cocoon yourself in the soft stretchy material. The weightlessness you feel as you’re suspended above the ground helps to melt away any tension in your mind and body.


So continue to stagnate in your regular exercise routine or get involved and experience the thrill of this new way of Aerial Pilates training at the exclusive Chantry Studios in Bromley, South East London. 


There’s a maximum number of 4 people in this 90 minutes workshop, so you’re guaranteed to get all the guidance and support you need to help you learn and explore the Air Control Pilates® method.

Aerial Pilates in London #Air Control Pilates®

Here's what people are sayin about their first experiences of Aerial Pilates -and the Air Control Pilates® method.

"After dealing with long covid for over a year, I was looking for a low intensive relaxing form of exercise.  I was expecting to have a lull in energy, but it had the opposite effect . I loved it! I loved your vibes too…always moments of laughter and I felt really relaxed." Bethan

"In terms of the suspension upside down to release the back and neck, that was truly wonderful for me as I sit at a desk all day I felt the deeper tension unwind, similar to unwinding a knotted telephone cable - if that makes any sense - could have done that again and again." Andy

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 Aerial Stretch & Meditation Class Wednesday Evenings Open to Any Level 7pm


Hi, I'm Zoe

I'm a Pilates Teacher & Master Trainer I've been practicing Pilates for over 20 years. Teaching Mat Pilates for 14 of them, my classes also include Dynamic Reformer Pilates & now Aerial Pilates. I am proud to say I'm the FIRST Air Control Pilates Teacher based in London. Now at Chantry Studios in Bromley.

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