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My Vision

I am passionate about helping people release their inner child and learn how to create better movement and fluidity through fun yet challenging classes. Not only does that boost a sense of freedom, also allows us to let go and when we let go we find our flow in everything we do.

I'm all about educating myself and my clients to create our own sense of self-confidence, self-belief, and sense of achievement all within a relaxed and calming atmosphere, either online or in studio.

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Pilates Teacher and Master Trainer 

I am a qualified Pilates Teacher, but my background is in Dance. I first fell in love with Pilates while training at the Laban Center in London. Whilst dancing I started to work in the fitness industry as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer.


During this time I suffered a car accident, which ended my performance career. During rehab, I drew on my Pilates training from my dance days at Laban to help with my back issues. Maybe because of my dance training being a precise form of movement this really appealed to me and this led me to teaching Pilates.  

The more I worked with people in the rehabilitation side of Pilates I became acutely aware that through my own injuries and experience of rehabilitation I could completely empathise with how they are feeling through all their different stages of rehab & recovery, having gone through the good and bad days myself.


This has given me a unique understanding of how my clients might be feeling from week to week and how to really apply, approach, and deliver my own style of movement exercises and Pilates.


Through this journey I have trained at top Pilates studios in London, working with physio therapists in the height of their field, helping people through rehab and creating powerful lifestyle changes.


Pilates not only helps people through rehab, regaining core strength and flexibility, it also helps build confidence. I decided to take what I had learned from my experience and apply it to create workouts that help other people and that is how Jan-Zo Pilates was born.

Helping my clients not just physically but to understand the how's and why's gives them the self confidence in their own abilities and wellbeing.  I now use this approach in every format I teach in. Teaching this way means I do not stick rigidly to any one particular style of Pilates. I aim to incorporate exercises that will have real benefits to the people I teach in the real world. All of my classes have a mixture of classical Pilates and functional Pilates.

The Studio is Open,

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